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Welcome to the student surfing club of Nijmegen


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About us

NSSV Aeolus has her very own clubhouse at the Kraaijenbergse Plasse in Linden, just south of Nijmegen. For Aeolus, these waters (nicknamed ‘The Kraaij’) have been our home since the eighties. Close to the shoreline, our very own clubhouse resides which is filled with a large collection of surfing materials for our members. We have plenty of surf gear for both beginners and the more advanced surfers.


In the year 2021, NSSV Aeolus will get a second location in the Watersports Centre Nijmegen which is located on the island Veur-Lent at the Spiegelwaal. From this island, you have a great view over the city skyline of Nijmegen and this location provides very easy access to the Spiegelwaal.

You are more than welcome to join our association!
Once you sign up, your membership of our great surfing club starts with an extensive course after which you’ll become a full member. After finishing the course all our surfing gear is at your disposal at any time you wish to use it. If you don’t feel confident enough on the surfboard, our members will be happy to help you out with any struggles or to provide you with tips & tricks. There is also always an option to receive additional surf lessons. Once you have become a member of AEOLUS, you are more than welcome to join us every fortnight for a few drinks to dream about future surf sessions, socialize and have a great time! But that’s not all, next to our surfing adventures (not necessarily all at our home spot(s) but also elsewhere in the Netherlands or in other countries) we are a very social sports association that organizes a lot of activities all year round which you can join whenever you feel like it.


Windsurf Clinics

NSSV Aeolus has been organising a lot of very well-received windsurfing clinics for diverse groups of people over the last few years. Whether you show up with your colleagues, family, or friends, we’ll facilitate the perfect day out for you. Combining sportiness and fun, windsurfing is an original, challenging, and very refreshing activity!


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