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What do you get?


Aeolus has a lot of windsurfing equipment which you can use as a member after having followed the introductory course. Our material is suitable for every level. From beginner materials to advanced materials for surfing at sea, you can find it all in our clubhouse. We also have wetsuits and shoes.

Material storage

Do you already have your own surfing gear? Then you can store it in the clubhouse at the Kraaijenbergse Plassen. Every member is allowed to store one surf set. That way you don't have to drag it along every time, but instead, you can just cycle to the Kraaij and rig it up there.


Access clubhouse

As a member of Aeolus, you can pick up the key of the clubhouse at the sports centre. Via this way, you will always have all our surfing equipment at your disposal. You can also take the surf equipment to another surf spot, but you will have to ask permission from the board beforehand by sending an e-mail to


The Kraaijkrant

Our monthly newsletter is full of news, surf updates, and regular features like the 'Surfer of the month'.


Lots of fun

Aeolus has an Events Committee and a First-Year Committee that make sure that even in the windless periods you don't have to lead a boring student life. Drinks, Christmas dinner, fun outings and games, a hitchhiking competition, dinners, and parties. The Holiday Committee also organises the famous surf weekends in Friesland, Zeeland, or other good surfing spots in the Netherlands and, for the real fanatics, a summer surf holiday abroad. Aeolus also organises Surfin' (a windsurf festival weekend at the Kraaij) every year which you (as a member) should definitely not miss!

Who can become a member?

You can become a member or introductory member of NSSV Aeolus if you are a student.

Introlidmaatschap met sportkaart
€ 54,-
Introlidmaatschap zonder sportkaart
€ 94,-
Jaarlidmaatschap met sportkaart
€ 85,-
Jaarlidmaatschap zonder sportkaart
€ 125,-
Gastsurfen voor niet-studenten
€ 15,-
Gastsurfen voor studenten
€ 10,-
Jaar donateurschap (minimumbedrag)
€ 20,-
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