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Kraaijenbergse plassen

NSSV Aeolus has its own clubhouse at the Kraaijenbergse Plassen in Linden, just south of Nijmegen. For Aeolus the Kraaijenbergse Plassen (also called La Kraya) has been our home since the 1980s. Right on the water's edge proudly stands our clubhouse with a large collection of surfing equipment for our members, ranging from beginners to the more advanced.



From next year on we will also reside in the Watersports Centre Nijmegen at the Spiegelwaal. At this brand new location, which we will share with a number of other water (sports) associations (Phocas, the Loefbijter, De Batavier, and the KNRB), we will be giving our half-yearly courses. At this new location, Aeolus will mostly store beginner's material, because the Spiegelwaal is a perfect spot to learn how to windsurf (but not so much for the more advanced windsurfers). This new location is very accessible and close to the city center which will provide a good opportunity to be able to get on the water on days where your time is limited. Of course, our own surf spot La Kraya will also continue to be used because that spot is dear to our heart and provides challenging conditions for the more advanced windsurfers.

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